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La Superbet pe tărâmuri istorice

La Superbet pe tărâmuri istorice

The Superbet online casino has recently added two very interesting slots, inspired by history: Legend of Loki from iSoftBet, with Toki as its central character Toki, the deceptive god who contradicts the laws of nature, and Great Emprire, produced by EGT, which has as its theme the great Ming Dynasty of China (1386 – 1644). With many bonus features, free spins rounds, gamble functionalities and progressive jackpots, these games have attractive graphics and are especially exciting.

Legend of Loki

New slot from SuperbetThis slot inspired by scandinavian mythology increasingly popular among players has 5 rotating reels and 20 win lines, with the most valuable symbol being the god Loki, a deceptive Scandinavian god who can change his genre. During spins, this god demonstrates his powers, creating or adding elements that ensure quite large gains. And on free spins, Loki’s power brings a special symbol to the reels that can partially or entirely cover the bonus grid. Even bigger wins can be drawn through a round of 10 free games.

Great Empire

New Slots from SuperbetPlayers can experience the charm and richness of china’s ancient civilization of more than 4,000 years old with this slot that also gives you the chance to enrich yourself with the 5 rotating reels and the 10 winning lines. The symbol of the joker is an impressive Yin and Yang, and the scatter one – a great temple. The game has three free spins features, which activate when the scatter symbols appear on your screen, with the highest of which can bring you 15 free spins.

Great bonuses

Superbet brings to the attention of its players many bonuses and promotions that are very interesting. Among them, there is also the welcome one at the case, which consists in granting the amount equal to the first deposit, within the limit of 500 RON and which is activated in your account immediately after you have made the first deposit. This bonus is only intended for players who have active accounts on this platform and can be withdrawn once certain wagering requirements are met.

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